Happy New Year From The Heidelblog

SatEvePostNewYear1943Since the revival of the HB 2.0 in September 2012 there have been nearly a million views. This year alone there have been almost 200,000 thousand readers (and listeners) from 185 countries (including Togo and Mauritania). There have been nearly 8,000 comments. The top five most frequent commenters for 2013 were Rube, Curt, Frank, Jack, and Jason. Thanks for subscribing and/or for making the HB a regular stop. A hearty thanks to the WebGuru who does amazing things. Thanks too to all those who supported the HB via Paypal by making the coffer clink. You know who you are. You made it easier for to keep the HB going and to invest in hardware to provide 2.3 daily posts (855 posts in 2013 to bring the total archive 1,956) and 20 new episodes of the Heidelcast since June. Subscribe to the HB here. If you benefit from the HB please let others know on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and other social media. Follow the HB on Twitter.

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  1. Happy New Year from Mississippi! Looking forward to the Heidelblog in 2014. A day without HB 2.0 is like Escondido without Photoshop.

    Now that I’m officially retired, and getting some much-needed rest, I’ll be oozing Southern charm and dispensing hoary-headed wisdom in the new year. (When I get some charm and gain some wisdom, that is.)

    Long may the Heidelflag wave!

  2. Hot five as well. But just let us remember, as I (and, according to Google, nobody else – Well, Google’s not infallible, Ecclesiastes is) said before: Every Heidelword …

  3. Let there be another year of great HB and HC goodies. Lord willing, let there be many.

    Thanks, Dr. Clark.

  4. Scott, the HB has played a massive part in my journey (I hate that term, but you know what I mean). Your writings mean so much to so many. God bless you in 2014 and beyond.

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