The Coffer Is Quiet…For Now

cofferBut it still exists. It’s still possible to support the Heidelblog—the coffer continues!—but now, when your cursor strays over the coffer and your sound is turned up, you won’t be scared out of your chair. It hasn’t gone away entirely, the sound will live on the Heidelcast. Thanks to everyone who has supported the Heidelblog. I’m grateful and so are the thousands of readers and listeners who turn to the HB every week to get resources for recovering the Reformed confession (theology, piety, and practice). If you haven’t supported the HB, as Tetzel might say, relief for your conscience is only a click away.

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  1. My wife laughs whenever she hears it, knowing I either scrolled over it accidentally or I’m signaling that I want her to read something.

    This guilt is so unlike Tetzel’s…and that’s why I’m going to donate. I really do enjoy the HB’s many resources.

    Thanks, Dr. Clark. (You’re not related to GH Clark by any chance are you? jk, dog)

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