Why Should God Let You Into Heaven?

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    • Don’t forget to bring your daughter–you know she is such a cutie and might just persuade him!! lol ! Actually this was very touching and I’m praying for him to ‘get it’. He seemed to be responding to you–God bless you Pastor Leon!

  1. I really enjoyed this and will check out the website it came from. I love how Malcom shakes his head in agreement with the pastor on all the points he’s bringing up. I pray he truly understands and understands the apparent main teaching at his church, which he states is “do unto others…” is not the good news. It’s the Law.

  2. Interesting. Notice when he asked what does your church believed he said “Do unto others.” And we wonder why no one is hearing the Gospel when legal and or moral preaching is so popular. Not saying both shouldn’t be preached, but in context as he did, and show that the way we can turn away from all these sins is to turn to Christ and trust He will forgive us and help us not to continue in our own disobedient ways.

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