Eating Sausages: Wall Street Journal Reviews Hart

Hart CalvinismBarton Swaim has a substantial and positive review of the latest from Westminster Seminary California’s own
D. G. Hart in Today’s Wall Street Journal. It won’t be available online for a few days but if you can’t wait and you don’t subscribe then it’s available, in print, in a library near you. If you haven’t see Carl Trueman’s review, he likes it too. It’s nice to see Hart get some love, as they say.

I’ve recorded an interview with Darryl for Office Hours, which I think you’ll enjoy (I enjoyed it anyway), that is scheduled for release later this fall. It’s well written. His editors at Yale set a difficult test for him but he did it, covering the entire history of the Reformed churches: 500 years, several continents, in 300 pages.

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  1. “Reformed Baptists too will find much here to enjoy, if they can forgive Darryl for apparently forgetting that they exist.” Carl Trueman

    I am afraid I have to agree with Darryl on this one (sorry CRT), as such things as “Reformed Baptists” do not exist. You may as well say that you can be Reformed Non-Reformed, as assert that you can be a “Reformed Baptist”. The Westminster divines did not call anti-paedobaptism a “great sin” for nothing.



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