Atheists Have A Blind Faith

Question: “What kind of proof would you need in order to believe that God exists?”
Answer: “I have no idea.”

There you go. He knows that God doesn’t exist but he can’t articulate a standard of evidence. That’s a blind faith.

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  1. We had a great conversation off-camera. While he didn’t repent and believe on the spot (I wish he would have), he recognized that his worldview fell apart before his eyes.

  2. What a beautiful example of sharing the faith with gentleness and respect. Thank you, Leon, for the encouragement in the evangelistic work of the ministry.

  3. Law & Gospel well presented, Leon. You’re a gentle and lovingly relentless evangelist. I could almost see this young mans’ heart shaking somewhat within… wondering if you could be possibly speaking truth… maybe feeling some insecurity as to his own understanding of things, and experiencing his first bit of thirsting for righteousness? At least that’s what I would like to think. Thanks for sharing this videos.

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