Lincoln Telephone And Telegraph

LTT Bldg
I happend to see the back of an old LT&T building last summer as I was driving across town. I was struck by how well preserved the old sign was. Re-painted perhaps? To what end? LT&T hasn’t existed for quite a while. It didn’t much exist when it did exist. You could always tell an LT&T call by the crackle on the lines. We envied the Bell customers.

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  1. Ah, the joys of rural life.

    Part of our county didn’t get electricity until the late 1960s or early 1970s, and I think phone service came in at the same time.

  2. Scott,
    Isn’t this a case of yearning for the so-called “golden age” of [insert term here: telecommunications, ecclesiology, theology, baseball, …]?

    The “customer experience” of the LT&T was likely different from our dealings with the cell phone stores.

    It’s so easy to yearn for the old, emphasizing our frustrations with the present and forgetting the frustrations of the passee!

    • Hi Bob,

      Not yearning to go back to LT&T! I just thought it was an interesting to see an old sign well preserved. I do have a thing for the past but I try not to romanticize. I’m quite opposed to “golden age” historiography. It’s good to be checked now and then, however.

    • I do! When I was a boy, our family shared a party line for a while. To this day (I’m now 60), I still listen for the dial tone before making a call.

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