Office Hours: Steve Baugh on Hebrews 13

Office HoursSteve Baugh helps us wrap up our study of the book of Hebrews this season. We’re studying Hebrews 13 in this episode. He’s an expert in the 1st century background of the New Testament and Greek and he brings those skills to bear to help us understand this chapter. The major question of the chapter is how we ought to order our lives, how to address the challenge of living the Christian life in the midst of persecution, in light of Hebrews’ teaching on the continuity of the covenant of grace, the superiority of the new covenant over Moses and the old covenant, Christ as our mediator, and our entrance into heaven with Christ.

Here’s the latest episode of Office Hours.

Stay tuned. We have some terrific episodes planned for the summer including John Fesko on Galatians, David Strain on ministry, Kelly Kapic on John Owen, and Greg Reynolds on media ecology, among other topics and guests.

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