UPDATE Pop-Up Ads in Mobile View


UPDATE 20 Feb 16:18

The technical wizard has done it! The ads should be gone. Adbegone. That’s a killer app.

Thanks to my technical wizard we know what is causing the ads. The company that created the widget that allows the HB to be seen in mobile view has decided to sell ads. The ads are not ours. We wouldn’t hit you up for contributions and sell ads.  We might beg remind to you think about contributing to the HB but we wouldn’t sell ads.

As soon as we (i.e., my technical wizard) figures out what to do, we’ll get rid of the ads.

Thanks for your, ah, indulgence.


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  1. Yes. I noticed sometime last week. I do not use the Mobile other than once or twice a week though and I do not remember seeing them earlier.

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