Using the HB Effectively

Holy Spirit Church HeidelbergIn our unceasing attempt to serve you we’re always adding features to the HB. One of them is the categories resource. It’s a useful way to track discussions on a particular topic. There is also a search option on the top of every page in the HB and then there is a powerful way to search the HB or any site. Use this syntax: search term. In any Google search window you can search any domain for anything. If it’s there, as long as Google as crawled the site, if your search term is there it should show up.

In the drop-down menus on the top of the home page you also find the HB archives, a list of books and essays, and the Heidelcast archives.

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  1. Happy New Year! The Heidelblog is going from strength to strength. You’ve hit on just the right mix of “introductory” material and more advanced discussion–with a little zany humor here and there. The “categories” resources is outstanding. (Of course, every user always wants the number of topics doubled.)

    Some Reformed websites are too idiosyncratic to be useful to everyone. (You know who you are.) Others are too esoteric in choice of subjects. Others abound with “inside jokes” that leave the uninitiated – the great unwashed like me – out in the cold. Still others lack focus and can’t seem to find a distinctive “voice.” The new Heidelblog has has a clean hit right down the middle. Let’s pass along the good news!

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