Winter in North County San Diego December 2012

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  1. North San Diego County is home to some of the harshest Winter weather in all of San Diego.

    I pray that you can stay warm and safe until the 70 degree weather returns in about 2 weeks.


  2. The great thing is, I can drive into winter when I want and then drive right out of it again and back into the sunshine.

    Hey, we had frost last night. We might have lost some vegetation. We hope we didn’t lose any oranges.

  3. R.S.,

    I’m with you, friend. I’m an Orange County guy.

    Up skiing one hour…and down surfing in a couple more.

    (If I did either…which I don’t)

    My wife is from Chicago and loves the idea of visiting winter.

  4. We were greeted with a pretty nasty hailstorm up here in Temecula after the end of our church service yesterday. Good news is today we can see snow on Palomar Mtn., San Jacinto, and San Gorgonio.

    BTW, great photos Dr. Clark! The drive on the 79 is one of my favorite anywhere, especially behind Palomar between Lake Henshaw and Warner Springs. It’s hard to think of many places more beautiful on God’s good earth – at least to me.

  5. Those sure are purty pitchers. Not sure what the white stuff is, though.

    Here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 65 miles north of the Gulf Coast, we generally have two six-month seasons: A Spring/Summer that starts off kinda warm and gets very, very hot; and a Fall/Winter, that starts off kinda warm and rarely gets very cold (i.e., below 35F).

    I miss the four distinct seasons we have in the Mississippi Delta near Memphis, where I grew up. It’s only 250 miles north of Hattiesburg, but what a difference! Nice, long, chilly winters, and blazing hot summers, with a pleasant spring and fall in between.

    Actually, I rarely pay attention to the weather, unless a hurricane is headed our way. Growing up on a farm in the Mississippi Delta, I heard of only four weather conditions, with all possible permutations: Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Wet, Too Dry.

    • In Escondido? Not very. These pics are all from around Mt Palomar. Escondido is in a valley to Southwest. Highs in Jan in the 60s. We usually get some 80s in January. Best weather in America.

  6. Trent,

    If your question was for me here in south Mississippi, we’ve had about half a dozen nights this winter below freezing, but not lower than the high 20’s. We’ll usually reach at least 50 in the afternoon, even after the coldest mornings.

    In the summer, however, we often have two weeks in a row at 100+, with oppressively high humidity. I mean the energy-killing, wilting heat of the Deep South, not that dry stuff that Dr. Clark and other Westerners complain about.

  7. Wow!
    Here in Colorado we have a land of extremes, currently the highs aren’t above freezing. This year, in the summer, we had several days in a row of high 90s and some 100s, not at all unusual, but we set records for most days that way.
    But it’s not a humid heat thank goodness!

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