More Resources on the Federal Vision

Rick Phillips (PCA/Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals) on the FV.

David VanDrunen (WSC) on Norm Shepherd.

My theses on covenant theology (touching both NPP and FV)

The history of covenant theology.

Lectures from the January 2006 conference on the sacraments are available from the WSC bookstore.

Kim Riddlebarger’s Lectures on the NPP
N.T. Wright’s Perspective on Paul

N. T. Wright and James Dunn

A Response to the NPP (pt 1)

A Response to the NPP (pt 2)

Why a NPP? What’s Wrong with the Old Perspective?

On Krister Stendahl

On E. P. Sanders

On James Dunn

Carl Trueman (WTS/PA) on the NPP’s handling of Luther.

Chuck Hill (RTS/Orlando) on N T Wright’s (NPP) definition of justification.

Some witnesses to historic covenant theology here.

The Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA) report  (PDF) on the FV and NPP.

Mid-America Reformed Seminary’s response (PDF) to FV and NPP.

Sinclair Ferguson reviews Norman Shepherd on baptismal union with Christ.

Cornel Venema reviews Norman Shepherd’s The Call of Grace.

OPC Study Committee Report presented to the 73rd General Assembly.

Guy Waters: The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology

Guy Waters: Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul.

Rick Phillips’ paper presented to the So. Florida presbytery, PCA, Oct. 2004.

Paul’s Perspective: A Collection of Primary Sources on the FV/NPP Controversy.

New Horizons issue on justification and the Federal Vision

PCA GA Ad Interim Committee Report (PD).

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