A Member Of Synod Replies To The Self-Described "Federal Visionists"

The Decrees of the Synod you have openly contemned. The interrogatories put you, you have refused to answer. Your citatory letters notwithstanding the sense of them was expounded by those who gave them, and therefore best knew it, you have interpreted as you wish, and profess that you will proceed according to your own judgment, and not according to the judgment of the Synod.

…Your actions all have been full of fraud, equivocations and deceit. That therefore the Synod may at length piously and peacefully proceed to the perfecting of that business for which it has come together, you are dismissed. But assure you the Synod shall make known your pertinacy to all the Christian world…. Read more»

Chris Gordon, “What Hath Dort To Do With Moscow?—There We Bid the Federal Vision Good Night! (Conclusion)”


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