The Presbyterian Guardian is Back (Link Corrected)

Well, the back issues are now available online (HT: Josh Martin)

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  1. The link you posted is not an official site. It takes you to the OPC but does not show any “back issues.”

  2. This is so brilliant, I have wanted access to these for decades, since I first read Machen et. al. On a somewhat related note. Thanks OPC and thanks for the link Dr. Clark.

  3. NOW they do this after I’ve finished my history of the OPC. To think I wouldn’t have had to move my ever widening can to do research. Darn!

    • Maybe the powers that be were conspiring against your historiographical prowess in order to keep that can in shape for future work. What a dastardly scheme.

  4. On a slightly related note – a number of the short published Machen books (Banner of Truth eds) were originally radio broadcasts – have no recordings of these ever come up? Library of Congress etc.? I’m in the UK so I don’t know the extent of library coverage – but just always wondered.

    Also how cool was it that the Presbyterian Guardian had cartoons!

  5. What do you guys think about the teachings and/or theological content of the then Presbyterian Guardian? For example, the letter from the editor of the Presbyterian Guardian to former President FDR, found in Volume 1, issue Number 2?

    I asked, in light of today’s theological understandings related to “Two Kingdom Theology,” “Law and Gospel,” Morality versus Christ-Center (or Redemptive Historical) emphasis, etc.


    • Hi Gil,

      The Guardian wasn’t monolithic. It was a quasi-ecclesiastical newspaper that reflected the range of views associated with the early decades of the OPC.

      There were some who adopted Machen’s view of the church but there were many conservatives who did not and that range of opinion is also present.

  6. I just finished downloading the entire file-990 mb! (24 minutes with Comcast high-speed). Wonderful!

  7. How ironic, I just finished reading Nedston’e Bio on Machen yesterday and decided to Google on, ‘Presybterian Guardian’ and came across your post. Simply awesome! Thanks for posting.

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