The Fall


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  1. Reminds me of Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn”! I believe that story took place in Nebraska too.

    • This vein of thought is undoubtedly ancillary to the intended theme of the post, but I’ll entertain some thoughts on the O so divisive cats vs. dogs controversy.

      First, although I’m not quite sure why, I have found many Reformed folk to love dogs while hating cats. Yet biblically speaking, God chose a feline reference to favorably describe Himself (the Lion of Judah), while Jesus followed the historical Jewish thinking in using the term “dog” as an ultimate insult.

      So let’s get our biblical “animoligy” straight out there! 😉

    • Phil,

      We live in the New Testament. The dogs have been gathered into the fold. Cat’s, not liking this new administration, have apostatized and gone after their own folly.

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