Audio From The Inaugural Lecture

The lecture title is: “‘That We Should Retain the Distinction between Law and Gospel’: Hermeneutical Conservatism in Early Reformed Orthodoxy.”

The audio is here.

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  1. Dr. Clark, I enjoyed this a lot. I was surprised to learn that the Law/Gospel distinction is not found in Berkhof’s Principles of Biblical Interpretation– proof that Berkhof is not canonical! Congratulations on your installation as full professor!

    Brandon Wilkins

  2. Dr. Clark, thank you for an excellent address. This was particularly helpful to understand the necessity of the law/gospel distinction. There has been so much misunderstanding over this issue and some who make the claim that this hermeneutic is more Lutheran than Reformed. You certainly dispelled that myth in your address. I wondered if you have read Wengert’s book, Law and Gospel and if you think it is help in exploring this issue further? Do you have any plans to use your address as the basis for a future book? Congratulations on your installation.

    • Yes, Wengert is perhaps the leading Melanchthon scholar writing today or certainly one of them. This is a good and important work though it doesn’t deal with the hermeneutical distinction in quite the same way but it deal with related issues.

      No plans to write a book on this topic.

      Thanks for your encouragement.

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