R. C. Says, "WSC is My Favorite Seminary…"

R. C. Sproul says, “”Westminster Seminary California is my favorite seminary in the world. You have served faithfully for 30 years and I pray you will continue in your steadfast dedication to the gospel of Christ for at least 300 years more.”

A quick overview of the history of WSC and perhaps a few facts you might not know.

Catch a 15 minute audio documentary on WSC as Valiant For Truth for 30 Years.

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  1. A hearty Amen to RC Sproul’s remarks. It’s been nearly 10 years since I graduated from WSC, and I am thankful every time I teach and preach for the training I received. May God continue to bless the seminary with godly professors committed to the doctrines of grace.

    Keep up the good work (by God’s grace, of course)!

  2. Didn’t Dr. Sproul actually just say “Westminster Seminary” in the audio clip in Office Hours?

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