The HB Passes 1 Million Hits

As they say on the commercial, “Thanks for your support.”

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  1. Thank you for posting your material.
    The automatically generated post link title was highly amusing, too, by the way.

  2. Two questions:
    1) Which one are you Bartles or James?

    2) Does this mean Westminster California is opening up brewing facilities and we can expect a good reformed microbrew in the near future?

  3. I would like to take the time to thank you for this site. I’ve been introduced to many topics and teachers (Michael Horton to name one besides yourself) that have deeply encouraged my faith and understanding of God’s Word. My understanding of Covenant Theology and hence the Reformed Faith has increased greatly. I’ve ordered and look forward to reading your book “Covenant, Justification and Pastoral Ministry” as well. Also if you get a chance thank Dr. Horton for his introductory book on Covenant Theology which I found extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you so much for your work and this blog, Dr. Clark. May the Lord continue to richly bless you.

    • Unique visitors is more the question, from my understanding. 1 million hits could technically be 1 million visits (though not visitors unless nobody ever came back to the site), but it typically counts every “internet interaction,” so to speak.

      For example, I hosted a video exactly 2 weeks ago that has had over 18,000 hits, but only 1,026 plays. That’s without the help of RSS and google hits (being a video), which proliferates hits even more.

      But nevertheless, that’s still a big mark! Congrats Dr. Clark!

      • WP tells me how many times a page is viewed. I get a little information telling me from where they come and how many subscribe by email.

        No. I’m not claiming that a million people have viewed the HB! I doubt there are a million people who have that much time, but there have been a million page views.

  5. Dear Dr Clark,

    I too would like to take the time to thank you for your tremendous work here. I am a frenchman who recently migrated to Australia. Your blog has been one of the sources through which I discovered the vitality and the amazing riches of confessional reformed theology, which is alas now largely ignored in the native land of John Calvin. You and others have shown me that there is a way to avoid both the shallowness of modern evangelicalism and the aberrations of liberal theology. Thank you.

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