New Office Hours: Steve Baugh on Confessing the Reformed Faith and Doing NT Scholarship

Steve Baugh on Office HoursIt’s the first Monday of the month and that means it’s time for a new Office Hours podcast from Westminster Seminary California. This month Office Hours talks with Steve Baugh, Professor of New Testament at WSC. Steve is an outstanding scholar of the NT and a dear friend. He is the author of two widely used Greek textbooks. Here’s a sample of his popular writing that illustrates how well he has combined a pastoral heart with academic rigor. Here’s another piece on the “All Sufficiency of Christ.” Here’s an outstanding example of Steve’s academic work, “Savior of All People,” Westminster Theological Journal 54 (1992): 331-40. Finally, here’s another piece on “Cult Prostitution in New Testament Ephesus: A Reappraisal,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 42 (1999): 443-60.

Office Hours from Westminster Seminary California

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  1. Audio faults!

    Times: 20:48-20:59 (Clark’s mic seems to cut out)
    Times: 23:58-24:06 (” ” ” ” ” ” )

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