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I know it’s fashionable to dislike Twitter but I like it. It’s a lot less annoying than Facebook. No one asks me to respond to silly games about farm animals (I figured out how to make that go away!). I use it as a way to keep up with news. WSC’s own Katie Chappell is posting WSC news on Twitter a couple of times a day and even though I work there (and should know more about what’s happening) I find out things I didn’t know.

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  1. I use twitter for news too. But I mostly use it to see whats in the trending topics section on the sidebar. Its a littile known secret that you should check the trending topics in the morning like around 5am or so. Choose which ever topics relate to your blog and interest and blog about them. Then send updates to your followers about your entries while using the tag to the #trendingtopic. This is just something I wanted to share with you. It is a great way to get people to hop from Twitter to your blog very quickly and 100% of it is targeted. I also suggest though that you digg every single post you make about the trending topic. Get it indexed as fast as possible on your blog so that you can reap all of that expiry traffic.

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