Pray for Pakistani Christians

Who are suffering and even being martyred at the hands of Islamofascists.

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  1. I think it would be helpful at this juncture to point out that this happens in Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Indonesia, and pretty much anywhere else Christians live next to the Muslims, to greater or lesser degrees. Let’s not forget the million Armenians who were slaughtered by the co-jihad of Turks and Kurds.

    The term “Islamofascist” is unhelpful because it serves to muddy the waters regarding the core teachings of all 4 schools of Sunni jurisprudence and both schools of Shi’a jurisprudence regarding jihad. Basically, this sort of behavior is acceptable in Islam because Mohammed practiced it. A good number of Muslims choose not to act this way because they’re just culturally Muslim, but another good number choose to behave as Mohammed did because Surah 3:23 tells them to.

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