In the Bookstore at WSC: Engaging with Barth

engagingwithbarthThis has been out for a while in the UK, but there’s an American version now published by T & T Clark (New York). This is a valuable work. It’s available from the Bookstore at WSC now. It’s a little expensive but it’s worth it as it contains essays by Mike Horton, Henri Blocher, Sebastian Rehnman, Ryan Glomsrud, A. T. B. McGowan, Paul Helm, Oliver Crisp, and Donald McLeod among others.

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  1. For me, Scott, reading this book was like hearing someone drag their nails down a blackboard. Yes, it was often informative and insightful- but Carl Henry and especially Van Til were often portrayed as the guys wearing black hats-even though most of the contributors ended their chapters by issueing cautions about Barth that echoed Henry and Van Til!

  2. I didn’t have quite the same experience as the above, but for where I’m at in my studies, found the book to be a real help. Sebastian Rehnman, Mark Thompson and Oliver Crisp’s essays were helpful for me for two reasons: 1) They really got to important touch-points in Barth’s theology and 2) As a theological student, I found them to be great examples of respectful, and careful critiques of Barth’s thought. So, five stars (from five!) from me!

  3. Gary,

    It’s been a long time since evangelicals have offered ANY criticism of Barth and it’s virtually unheard of now for anyone to admit that CVT had a point re Barth so for these fellows to do that is quite remarkable and, in that context, even bold.

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