New Online: WSC Stuff (shirts, hats, pens, thumbdrives)

wscbkstorelogoYes, you can now order WSC stuff for that WSC alumnus or prospective student or for your pastor or for yourself. Clothing here (hoodies, sweatshirts, polos etc). Mugs, glasses, thumbdrives etc are here.

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  1. Bier Steins. WSC needs Bier Steins!

    Cigar cases. Cigar cutters. Cigar lighters. I’m hesitant to recommend ash trays. Who wants to have WSC’s good name ashed upon?

  2. “The perennial favorite in WSC merchandise, this best-selling pint glass is a perfect addition to your kitchen. With its blue WSC logo imprinted on a glass pint-size cup, it is a great party addition.”

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