Another TV Preacher on Trial

This time it’s a real trial. Yikes! If he’s guilty I hope they bury him.

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  1. Though the article is granted, Alamo is hardly a TV preacher as we might think of normally. If anything it was local to Texarkana because it wasn’t broadcasted in Ft. Smith. He–uhhh, that is, his followers–are door to door/pass out fliers type folks. They have wild articles from ‘missionaries’ in foreign countries praising him and his message as prophetical, and upcoming armageddon (which draws a lot of the SBC lahaye followers here).

    There is a huge Alamo ministry compound here in my hometown. My friend had an interaction with one of them and she told my friend that he should quit school and his job and pass out the fliers. Ok, I’ll stop rambling, =)

    • Yes, they littered my car with their fliers throughout college. Until these charges I couldn’t decide whether their biggest crime was littering or the line of denim clothing he peddled.

      • Well, even though the word on the street isn’t very credible, this isn’t the first time these types of concerns and allegations came towards his cult. He’s not even the only member of his group that may be guilty.

        That being said, we will have to see what the law of the land finds out.

  2. Scott and others:

    I share your abhorrence, if convicted. I also share your commendation of a burial, to wit, life-sentence, if not death.

    On the other hand and not negating the above, as I age, am coming to appreciate and practice that which I’ve learned about John Bradford, English martyr, 1555.

    While imprisoned in the Tower of London for the Reformed faith and seeing a criminal being led to his execution, said, “There but for the grace of God goes John Bradford.” That phrase has passed into modern parlance, but, perhaps apocryphally, perhaps not, is attributed to Bradford.

    Either way, it’s true. Where would we be without the expression and application of God’s grace to us?

    Back to the point, however, these men must be opposed publicly, by name, in print, internet, blogospheres, radio…everywhere, to wit, they are False Gospellers and fall under the jurisdiction of St. Paul’s (and Christ’s) anathemas of Galatians 1.

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