The Past is the Future: Classic Unitarianism

WSC student Dan Borvan has posted a paper on John Biddle, a 17th-century English Unitarian. Why “the future”? We hope it’s not the future for Reformed folks, but it’s the present for too many “evangelicals” and likely their future.

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  1. I hear triumphalism in your writing too much. You should just teach and not make people think they are succumbing to *your* views but they are succumbing to the truth. Plus, the broad-brush on ‘evangelicals’ seems to give you pleasure (a part of the triumphalist thing), but it’s never going to be accurate.

  2. RE: Dt
    I dont hear any hint of triumphalism in what Dr. Clark has said in this post. Perhaps you can flesh that charge out more? I also think it is unwise to presume that people who assent to certain propositions and arguments that Dr. Clark puts forth on the HB assume that those arguments are not derived from scripture and the Confessions but from Dr. Clark himself. In summary, I find your comment somewhat insulting to me as a reader.

  3. I said “your writing” not simply “this post.”

    It’s a style that borders on mocking of other Christians. Reformed Theology is apostolic biblical doctrine, and because of this standing can afford to simply teach the truth, steadily and directly, without broad-brushing based on, for instance, not-clearly-defined labels such as evangelical.

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