MGK: Theonomy, Ethics, and Perspectivalism

At Matt’s Berit Olam.

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  1. This was a little confusing because of the switches between 1st and 3rd person. Was this Kline’s original text, or was the blogger redacting the text?

    Also, is it WSC’s position that Frame and Poythress have created “a distinct version of Christianity”?

    Jeff Cagle

    • Hi Jeff,

      This is a paper by the late MGK. The only thing by which faculty are bound is the Word of God first of all and then the Westminster Standards and the Three Forms of Unity secondarily. We have also drafted and adopted to ‘testimonies.’ The first is on cultural-theological issues and the other is on justification. There are on the WSC site:

  2. Thank you. I was surprised to read the position on abortion given Dr. Hart’s (or was it Zrim’s?) statements on GreenBaggins re: abortion laws. More food for thought.

    Grace and peace,
    Jeff Cagle

  3. Jeff,

    Maybe I am skimming when I should be scanning, but I’m having trouble locating “the position on abortion” to which you refer. Help.

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