Galileo Goes to Jail

A new book edited by Ronald Numbers on the relation between faith and science. Numbers is a first-class scholar and writer. This looks like a fascinating collection.

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  1. His book, “The Creationists” is excellent. I wish I could make some of our Reformed die-hard 24-hr creation types read it to see the influence of Seventh Day Adventism on creationism. A folorn hope, alas.

  2. Richard,

    I agree that he’s an excellent writer and scholar. His bio of E J Carnell was fascinating. I used The Creationists for RRC. Be encouraged. People seem to responding to that chapter well.

  3. Dr. Clark,
    I’m sort of encouraged. But then, I was recently told by the pastor of our Reformed congregation that one of my fellow parishoners came up to him after the sermon and complained about him quoting J.I. Packer because he wasn’t a 24 hour creationist. Sigh. And I assume you saw the latest from John MacArthur. Some of this stuff is enough to make a strong man weep–or, even a wimp such as me.

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