Escondido Weather for Conference-Bound Travelers

escondidofromwscbalconyCurrently in Escondido it’s 81F. High on Friday is expected to be 79 and on Saturday 77. Not a cloud in sight right now. Bring your sunscreen SPF 17+. It’s gorgeous. The Santa Ana winds of the last few days are gone. Right now they’re from the SE at 6 mph.

There are other reasons beside WSC to visit North County San Diego. The seminary is just 5 minutes from the Wild Animal Park and we’re about 30 minutes north of Downtown San Diego, Coronado Island, the Gaslamp Quarter, Point Loma, and Balboa Park (and the San Diego Zoo). We’re about 20 minutes northeast of La Jolla, and about 20 minutes east of the beaches at Carlsbad, and Encinitas. Hungry?

There’s a great European deli in downtown Escondido (on Kalmia, between Grand and 2nd) called the Continental Deli. (Best Reuben sandwich ever). There’s a French bakery on Grand. Amazing what they can do with a bowl of soup and a piece of bread. If you’re lonely for real East Coast food there’s a real Philly Cheese Steak place in San Marcos –about 15 minutes west of the sem. There are many good Mexican restaurants in Escondido. My favorite is Los Charros. It’s a dumpy little local place but it’s real food and local atmosphere. If you can’t stand Rancho music (Mexican cowboy music), don’t go because it’s loud. If you go, try the horchata. It’s cinnamon rice milk but it tastes like liquid custard or tapioca to me.

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  1. Mmmm…California food…
    I’ll see if I can trade some books for plane tickets and hock a few books for food money.

  2. Dr. Clark,

    Meanwhile, the weatherman is predicting subzero temperatures in Metro Detroit later this week. And the water tower at our zoo has painted on it the name of our former, now-imprisoned mayor. But I think we’re both living in nearly-bankrupt states.


  3. I am looking forward to the Conference. We had a warmup yesterday here in Sacramento, but we will be down to 61F on Friday and I will enjoy Escondido temperatures, not to mention the Conference.

  4. Mike,

    We’re currently at 12 degrees, and I just blew a trail out for the dog in the backyard. Look up, at least you guys have Greek-town. Opa!

  5. I have one word for the weather in Southern California…


    I was in San Diego for three months while in the USMC for Soccer tryouts. Weather never changed.

    Give me the Upper Midwest any day…

  6. Yes, well, having grown up shoveling great lots of snow (which was also boring) and facing howling 50 mph winds, I’ll take today’s 78 and sunny. It’s a very pleasant sort of boring!

  7. Sure. I hear it’s like that all the time at Big Bear. I don’t have much interest in sliding down a mountain on two pieces of wood. I’m pretty sure I would do a Sonny Bono on the bunny slope.

  8. “It’s a very pleasant sort of boring!”

    I’ll take your sort of boring over the rush of driving on icy roads when it’s too cold for the salt to do its job.

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