The Practical Consequences of the Law/Gospel Distinctionc

Josh explains at Creed or Chaos.

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  1. I know you hate to name names, but I recently read something by John Frame attacking the Law/Gospel distinction, which has caused some comments on the Boar’s Head Tavern blog. Any comments?

  2. Hi Richard,

    Yes, JMF recognizes that some Reformed writers used to make this distinction but he also seems to think it’s really a “Lutheran” distinction. See Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry and other resources at my WSCAL site. See especially, “When the Good News Becomes Bad.” See also these quotations from primary sources. See this post on the very point of whether the L/G distinction is “Lutheran” only.

    The L/G distinction was fundamental to the Reformation. To lose it is to lose the hermeneutical basis of the Reformation.

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