Justification: Understanding the Classic Reformed Doctrine

By John Fesko is now in the Bookstore at WSC for $20.83. 

“Well informed, careful, and full of insight, this book is destined to become a standard work for all who want a deeper understanding of this crucial doctrine. In addition to providing sound exegesis of relevant passages, Fesko is sensitive to important nuances in historical theology and contemporary discussions.” —Mike Horton.

“By the author’s frank admission, there is is nothing new in this book, and therein lifes the value of this remarkable study. It is an encyclopedic treatment of what Calvin called the ‘main hinge on which religion turned’ and an indispensable resource defense of the Reformed faith in our time.”—John Muether.

From this point forward there is absolutely no excuse for ignorance about what the Reformed faith teaches about justification.

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