WSC Commencement 08 (pt 1)

The official 2008 WSC commencement report is online. As a faculty member things look a little different than they do from the audience. For one thing we see the back of heads of those on the platform in front of us and, for another, we see the faces of the graduates. It’s always exciting to see students finishing their trials successfully and ready to begin fulfilling the vocation for which they were training. I’ve often wondered why I am not more unhappy at graduation. After all we form strong bonds with many of the students. We work together. We pray together and we eat and fellowship together almost every day. The best explanation I have is that the sense of accomplishment is so strong it mitigates the sadness at seeing good friends leave. We’ve been training them and praying for them to go and do what they are about to go and do. The work is so important. There are so many congregations that need gospel preachers. There are so many fields that need missionaries. There are so many schools that need good teachers that the goal is always before us.

This year was a particularly special commencement. More about that later.

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