Re-Learning to Speak the Faith

Chris has a great post on this.

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  1. Let me see if I understand this language aright. God is gracious to allow for the covenant of redemption, but within this covenant of redemption ordered by strict (true) justice, Christ earns our forgiveness, righteousness and salvation?

  2. Yes, it’s something to hear a ten-year-old learn the words “justification” and “sanctification” in her catechism. I can never decide if that is better or not than a six-year-old learn “resurrection.” I think I’ll quit worrying about it and just enjoy it.

  3. Sean,

    yes, the covenant of redemption is the ground for the covenant of works and the covenant of grace. The Son promised to accomplish legal righteousness for us who are, by grace alone, elect in him. So, as I like to say, the covenant of redemption (pactum salutis) is grace for us and works for Christ. Thus it is both legal and gracious, depending upon who is in view, those who made and and accomplished it or those for whom it was made and accomplished.

  4. Dr Clark,

    Got it, thank you.


    Be careful, their evangelical friends will accuse them of being all head and no heart…..Jk obviously, though the accusation I’m sure will come. On that note, I like how Horton shows how not to divorce doctrine from the story. The doctrine is a by-product of the story. I haven’t kept up with Horton in recent years, but I’m digging the WHI’s Christ-less christianity series.

  5. Sean,

    Well, recoiling friends are nothing compared to recoiling family. And simple catechisis, I think, is one of the best defenses against the false dichotomies of Revivalists: how do those without heart do that which most others disdain and give no support (read: indoctrinate)?

    Yes, there’s good reason for Horton being the patron saint of one Reformed conversion I know of.

  6. Recoiling family? That’s right I forgot. Well, I know all about that. Of course, ours tended to be a little more “violent”. I had one of those evangelical conservative romans tell me that while there was hope for those who were never in the church, there was “no soup for me”. Having been in the one true church and willfully left it. Hopefully, yours never reaches those depths.

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