Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Carl reminds us of a fascinating article on the Atlantic website that got lost in the end of the semester paper shuffle. I see the effect in my students and I see it in myself. The thing I’m concerned about is how much Carl knows about Nietzsche. Should we be looking for a distinctive handle-bar mustache anytime soon?

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  1. Sounds similar to Postman’s amusing ourselves to death and the oxymoronic nature of the statement; educational tv. It seemed that everybody agreed that the internet, from a cognitive development perspective, was to be preferred to passive t.v. watching. English teachers and grammarians, I know, hate what texting and e-mail have done to their students. I’m skeptical of his skepticism, however, the “efficiency” remarks are dead-on. Take any business writing course, and all you hear is; “too wordy”, “write less”, “if it can’t be distilled to a paragraph, you don’t understand your concept sufficiently.” “These are busy people, if it’s more than two paragraphs they won’t read it.”

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