Uh, You Mean Jesus Isn't My Boyfriend?

Hannah Rosin offers a brief synopsis of Daniel Radosh’s Rapture Ready. What Rosin doesn’t mention is that there have been voices within the Christianity such as the Wittenburg Door (in the 70s), and more seriously the White Horse Inn guys have been examining and critiquing the foibles of evangelicalism and chronicling it’s relations to popular culture for years. Purgatorio and the TBNN guys a good job of it on the web. Still Radosh’s book looks like a good read. 

Warning: Apparently Christians are imitating everything in the culture, even porn and Rosin writes about it briefly.

(HT: WSC student Matthew Thomas Morgan) 

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  1. I guess the rumors are true….about another Matt Morgan at WSC. What are the chances? I’ve never even met another Matt Morgan my entire life, although there is a British Comedian by that name. Hopefully his voice is a lot easier on the library than mine was! 😉

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