Small Step for the HB, A Giant Leap (Backward) for the Web

bartles.jpeg The new HB passed 100,000 unique visitors today since moving to the present site in December ’07. As the commercial used to say, “Thanks for your support.”

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  1. Congrats!! However, I think for the younger crowd you might have to explain that commercial! I haven’t seen that for years. Wasn’t it for Bartle & James?

  2. And they sold wine coolers…tee-hee. I’d’ve gone with a “Less filling! Tastes great!” reference, myself.

    If it’s all the same to you, Scott, I think I’ll raise a Sam Adams to the HB and leave the wine coolers, well, to those yet horribly stuck in the 80s. Or the broad Evangelicals…same thing. Either way, something tells me they won’t be consumed.

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