They Can Run But They Can't Hide (UPDATED 9:55PM Pac Sun)

The explanations emanating from the bureaucracy in St Louis as to why they cancelled the Issues Etc Radio show aren’t adding up in the Wall Street Journal (HT: Shane Rosenthal). I raised the question about ratings a few days ago. It would be interesting to hear from someone with access to the Abritron for the St Louis market and to find out what the IE ratings were for their daypart and for their target audience (which I’m guessing was predominantly 25-54 males). The author of the WSJ piece raises the same questions that have been raised here: perhaps this isn’t really about business at all but a move by broad evangelicals in the LCMS to silence their confessionalist critics?

UPDATE: Mike Horton interviews the author of this WSJ piece here (audio).

UPDATE: Kim has evidence of the inroads of evangelicalism into the LCMS. It seems the evangelicals are trying to set the LCMS ABLAZE (Thanks to Paul for pointing out this post).

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