Subscribing to the HB

There are several ways to have the HB come to your computer. The easiest way is to do it through ggreader.pngoogle reader. Of course you must have a (free) Google account. Set up G Reader and simply copy and paste the address (URL — the URL of this blog is into the “add subscription” box and you’re off to the races.

rss.jpegYou may subscribe to any site/blog displaying this symbol. Your feed reader (= Google Reader) will sort out the details once you paste the URL into the “add subscription” box. The reader gathers (aggregates) all your subscriptions into one place as they are published. I am subscribed to a large number of “feeds” which I mostly scan. There is a little arrow symbol after the headline of each post/feed that, if I click it, will take me to the post in its original context.

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