The Rod and the (Bruised) Reed

Thanks to Kim at the RB for this link. We may be crafty sacramentarians (not!) but we love our gospel-preaching confessional Lutherans.

pontoon.jpgps. Just finished Garrison Keiller’s latest, Pontoon. I understand a little bit more some of the asides that Rod makes. Those dark Lutherans aren’t really all that different from some “dark Reformed” folk I know (I seen one in the mirror daily). It’s a wonderful combination of certain midwestern qualities (e.g. rugged individualism) and the corruption of confessional Protestantism by midwestern moralism. Our family influences were more Southwestern than Great Lakes but the plainsmen are plainsmen so I recognize Keillor’s characters as “my people.” A word of caution, this book contains “adult” language and themes and isn’t suitable for children or people with tender consciences. Anyway, I don’t think that Pastor Inqvuist has a very solid grasp of the distinction between law and gospel.

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