Hywel Jones on Job

Just out via Evangelical Press (hardcover):

Set outside the life of Israel, the book of Job provides a way, either because they do not ask the big questions about life, or because they are swamped by the fact that there seem to be no real answers to them. By its presentation of both the grim realities of human existence and the wonder of divine grace, the book has something to say to any who would consult it seriously. It therefore supplies excellent material for lively and relevant preaching to people of every cutlure, not only by way of edification, but also evangelism. This commentary is written partly in the hope that such preaching will take place.

Martin Luther described it as ‘magnificent and sublime as no other book of Scripture.‘ As a part of Holy Scripture, it is imbued with a far higher inspiration than any one of the world‘s great classics. By it, God aims to instruct and encourage his people in their earthly pilgrimage towards heaven, just as he does in all the other books of the Bible. But the breadth of its appeal should not be forgotten.

Available at the WSC bookstore for $20.99.

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