Ed Clowney On Sermon Audio

clowney.jpgThanks to the Edmund P. Clowney Legacy Corporation, you can now hear Ed Clowney preach anytime you wish.

Ed was president of WTS when WSC was begun in 1980. After he retired to Charlottesville, VA he taught here occasionally during the January term. He after his second “retirement” to Escondido taught here for several years before “retiring” to Houston and then to Charlottesville! Of course Ed never really retired, he just relocated and kept preaching and kept teaching preachers how to preach. After I came to WSC in ’97 Ed approached me about meeting for breakfast and prayer on Fridays. It was a joy to spend time with him and he was gracious to ask. It was good to get to know the man behind the pulpit and better to pray with him.

I never had him as a prof but I did ask for help with a sermon outline at one breakfast and he analyzed the problem and fixed it in about 30 seconds. He was a truly gifted preacher and teacher. Frequently his colleagues on the WSC faculty and his students would wonder where he was “going” with a sermon, since it was rarely obvious, and somehow, wonderfully, the text and the sermon would always and quite naturally take us to Christ.

If you have wondered what it means to “preach Christ” these sermons and lectures from Ed are an excellent introduction and illustration.

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