Are You More Offended By Statehouse Satanism Or Second Commandment Violations In Church?

Unless you view a state capitol building as a Christian house of worship, your level of concern for allegedly religious displays allowed therein (good, banal, benign, or evil) should be different than your level of concern for what happens in Christian churches.

For example, a Second Commandment violation in a confessional Reformed church is a MUCH bigger deal than a cheesy nativity scene in front of city hall or inside a state capitol building. The former might actually tempt you to iconoclasm, the latter never should. Confusing the common, the civil, and the religious is very easy. Sometimes it’s because we confuse the theocratic Old Testament nation of Israel with the New Testament church. The Israel of God is now the pan-national Christian church. (Gal. 6:16, 2 Corinthians 6:16-18)

–Presbycast (originally posted on X here)


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