What If Everyone Does Not Want To Live In New Christendom?

This documentary was premiered in 2004 and appeared on YouTube a little more than a decade ago. After some years it disappeared and then reappeared on moscowid.net. I do not necessarily share the film maker’s social, philosophical, or theological views but the documentary is worth preserving as a historical artifact of the Reconstructionist and theonomic movements in North America. It would be interesting to compare the state of things in Moscow now with then.

Thanks to Christian McArthur for his work on restoring and converting this video for the HB.

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  1. I see a lot of MacArthurites (John) favorable quote Wilson and defend his soteriology to the hilt. What is the deal?

  2. Adam,

    1. The video is a large file. Give it a moment to download. It will play but it takes a moment.

    2. No idea what you mean by “writing against abolition.”

    3. This is a Reformed site. Reconstructionism was not a Reformed movement. It was a fundamentalist movement that found root in some Reformed circles. I’m well aware of Rushdoony’s complicated history re race. The Reconstructionist movement is powered by a sub-Reformed triumphalist eschatology. Even Rushdoony recognized the tension and essentially dismissed the Reformed churches (symbolized by his dismissal of the OPC as the “Orthodox Pharisees Church”). His was a theology of glory. Reformed theology is a theology of the cross.

    4. You should watch the video before commenting on it, don’t you think?


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  7. I think Adam is confusing Christian reconstructionism with Southern reconstruction after the Civil War.

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