Zwingli Contra The Pentecostalism Of The Catabaptists

Though the Catabaptists, who pretend to be so directed by the Spirit that if they stand still suddenly or go forward suddenly, they put it down to the Spirit, are not wrong (for we do not live, much less move, without the action of the Deity), yet however much things of this kind are done by God’s impulse, they are, nevertheless, done to publish the rejection, hypocrisy, and folly of these people.

Huldrych Zwingli, The Latin Works of Huldreich Zwingli, ed. William John Hinke, vol. 2 (Philadelphia: Heidelberg Press, 1922), 229.

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  1. It is scary to think about the kinds of delusion it can lead to, when people are willing to take any thought or imagining as a direct revelation from God, and how easily Satan might take advantage, as he did in the garden, to tempt Eve to go beyond God’s word.

  2. I read Zwingli’s _Commentary on True and False Religion_ not too long ago. While it’s very “heat of the moment” (a bit like Luther in tone), it certainly presages the more thorough theological work of men like Calvin, Bullinger, Ursinus, and others who came later. Zwingli is an underrated reformer, and deserves a bit more study.

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