Good News In And From Missoula

Pastor Jared Beaird from Covenant Reformed Church (URCNA) in Missoula, MT sends some encouraging news from the congregation:

  • They have a new family by transfer from the PCA.
  • This year we have seen an increase in visitors and stayers. None of them have any Reformed background.
  • One “stayer” came via Rosaria Butterfield’s work, Unlikely Convert.
  • We have also had five professions of faith this year.
  • Because Covenant Reformed is in a college town, they are a sending church. I’m thankful to God that most of those who have moved away have landed in Reformed churches.
  • We had our first ever church summer retreat. It was a success and already families are asking about a winter retreat.
  • We have started a Kid’s Catechism Club every Sunday afternoon. It is a our version of VBS, but instead of a packed out week, we catechize every week.
  • We will continue our Thursday Night Study in Theology which has been a success.

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  1. We visited that church on our vacation in August 2015, I’m glad to hear the work is going well. I like the idea of the Kids Catechism Club on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for posting.

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