Chick Became What He Feared

Chick Tracts ironically turn grace into the same kind of superstitious incantation that they passionately decry.

Samuel D. James

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  1. The best laughs are from the obit in The New Republic for JC, who would have guessed they would give him so much attention?

    • Makes me think that the NR saw Chick as a threat.

      My read on Chick was that he was a typical mid-century at least semi-Arminian fundamentalist with very little appreciation for history or the reading of Scripture outside his own circle. Her brought a number of people to Christ, and, by God’s grace, some of them grew. God can strike a straight blow with a crooked stick.

  2. Several years ago, Dr. Clark wrote and spoke on, “Why are some Reformed guys such jerks?” Well, we can be snobs too, you know. Be careful, folks.

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