Is It Education Or Propaganda?

If you can’t ask a candid question of a professor or fellow students without fear of retribution, you aren’t in a place of learning. That’s because real knowledge can be fueled only by free and open inquiry.

The process of learning for the high school or college student is the same as it is for a child: a give-and-take with others through which we verify reality by asking straightforward questions of varying complexity. The more open and free the exchange, the greater our knowledge and awareness of what is true.

Political correctness, however, is by nature deceptive and psychologically manipulative. It therefore serves as a major roadblock to inquiry, as do all other forms of propaganda.

Stella Morabito, “Truth or Propaganda.” Read more»

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  1. There are many worthy analytical definitions of political correctness today. My own, for what it’s worth is this: Political correctness is a priori hatred of reality because it exposes the arrogant stupidity that passes for knowledge today.

  2. The atmosphere today is 180 degrees different from when I was a college freshman exactly 50 years ago. I cannot comprehend a situation where ideas of every stripe can’t be freely thrown back and forth. At least during the ’60’s everyone in my generation could speak his mind, good, bad, or ugly. Most of the time we didn’t have much worth saying (what else is new?), but at least there was a vigorous point-counterpoint.

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