Baugh On Ephesians: The Best Technical Commentary

Usually full-length commentaries devote much of their space to surveying and evaluating the secondary literature—a useful but rarely a fresh or exciting venture. Baugh’s commentary is different. Every page reflects years of exacting study of primary sources—classical literature, inscriptions, the first-century historical context (especially the history of Ephesus, gleaned from both archaeological and documentary evidence), coupled with a profound commitment to biblical theology. This does not mean he spends so much time on the historical and literary contexts that he fails to study the letter itself: far from it. Rather, Baugh’s impressive learning is in service of understanding Ephesians. Baugh’s comments are invariably measured, judicious, the product of informed and careful scholarship, lightly worn. Mercifully, the excellent scholarship comes in readable prose, making this a thoroughly interesting and stimulating work. This is now unquestionably the best technical commentary on Ephesians.

—D. A. Carson on S. M. Baugh, Evangelical Exegetical Commetary: Ephesians.

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  1. Scott, thanks for this quote, as to what I am sure is an accurate teaser for the commentary.

    This evening I finally got around to listening to the Office Hours interview with Dr. Baugh on his Ephesians’ Commentary. Home run! What a great conversation giving the listener a taste of what one will find if he springs for the book. Is there a scheduled date for the hard copy? Having had my appetite whetted by the interview, I may have to opt for the E-book if it’s too far out in the future. Kudos to Steve Baugh, a scholar, budding guitar soloist, and wonderful brother in Christ. 😉

    By the way, you guys interact very well together. Maybe an occasional/ongoing Office Hours team?

  2. Having listened to countless Don Carson lectures and of course trusting the good Doc Clark, this will be the first (and probably) only Ephesians commentary I plan to get. And like Jack Miller and Dr. Baugh, I also play guitar. I love Dr. Carson’s oft-repeated line, “Don’t you see?” when he’s explaining something.

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