What’s Wrong With Participation Trophies?


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  1. We got participation trophies as kids – twenty-five years ago in the Deep South. We thought of them merely as mementos of our time in the baseball league (Dixie Youth). I see where this can reward mediocrity, but we never thought much of it in any event.

  2. Dr. Clark: Points well-taken. In this specific case of hard-nosed little league in the heart of Dixie, we got our trophies the same way one buys a t-shirt at the beach or the mountains. The judgment came when we kept score at age 6, struck out in front of crowd of people, didn’t make All-Stars, etc. Point being – our trophies didn’t do much for us one way or another but no one left thing he was hothouse flower. Thanks much for your insight.

  3. I think I deserve a sticker, a T-shirt, a first edition of the Bay Psalm Book, or whatever, for visiting Heidelblog at least twice a day.

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