What Jenner And Nucatola Have In Common: Narcissism

Healthy personal relationships need a foundation of common reality and common language through which people can communicate. Most of all, they need a common belief that there is inherent worth and dignity in all human beings, not just themselves.

So as more folks sink deeper into believing life is all about them, they are more liable to end up like Bruce Jenner: obsessed by the urge to project an imagined persona everywhere and eager to suck up whatever oxygen might be in any given room. Or like abortionists who must callous their souls in order to live day to day.

—Stella Morabito, Fetish Celebration and Baby Organ Harvesting Go Hand in Hand: Both Represent Social Decay

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  1. Time to bring back the old chestnut, which used to be a joke but these days is too true to be funny: “Enough about me, let’s talk about me.”

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