Before Bill Nye There Was Professor Julius Sumner Miller

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  1. Hold up, I know about this guy. He either worked with or taught (perhaps both) a physics professor I had. Once I saw the title of the post I thought, “Is this the Australian version of Bill Nye my professor mentioned in class?” I searched a bit and found out it is.

    I don’t intend to speak critically of the man, but my professors comments concerning him were not complementary. What I remember most was his explicit description of the man as a donkey’s rear (he obviously said a different word). That stood out for me because of the description of the man, and the kind disposition of my professor.

    I am going to try to get in contact with my old professor some time this next week and ask about Mr. Miller.

    Moral of the story: Not all physicists get along.

  2. Well, Don Herbert as Mr. Wizard rocked my world as a kid, and ruled my childhood, science-wise. He had charm, he taught us with interesting experiments, he didn’t talk down to us, and he had some cute girls as assistants. What more could an American boy in the ’50’s and ’60’s ask for?

  3. Why is it so?

    this guy is a legend, he used star in a famous cadbury chocolate commercial here in Australia
    when I was a child, where a hard boiled egg was sucked into a glass milk bottle.
    “Atmospheric pressure does all the work” haha!

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