Office Hours: Steve Baugh On Christ And Wisdom

Office HoursScripture has a great deal to say about wisdom. The words wisdom or wise occur about 400 times in the Bible. Yet, both in and outside the visible church, ours is not an age that is characterized by that same interest in or search for wisdom. Christians should be interested in wisdom if only because Scripture speaks about it and exhorts us to it and instructs us in it so frequently but wisdom as an abstract idea can seem elusive, hard to grasp. Scripture says that wisdom requires us to respond to a fool according to his foolishness and sometimes wisdom requires us not to respond to a fool according to his foolishness. If only there was a way to make it concrete, to make it clear, to make it obvious what wisdom is. There is. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, it’s the first step toward getting what Scripture calls a “heart of wisdom” but it is even more precise, more concrete than that. Wisdom is also a person. Paul calls our Lord Jesus the “power and wisdom of God.” When he spoke that way he was saying anything that Scripture had not already said in other places long before. Here to help us think through how to relate wisdom to our Lord Jesus Christ is Dr Steve Baugh, Professor of NT and in his 31st year of teaching at Westminster Seminary California.

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